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iSIMS operates a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) which is a performance focused approach to managing engineering and offshore operations.

The purpose of the SEMS is to enhance safety by reducing the frequency and severity of accidents. The program encompasses mandates from governmental agencies, clients and iSIMS internal standards and practices. Training is an integral part of the iSIMS safety program and may be client mandated or job specific.

The SEMS outlines the safety and environmental policies and practices used by all iSIMS personnel to promote safety and environmental protection.

iSIMS maintains an active account with ISNetworld as an essential part of managing compliance and interface or our SEMS with our clients’ safety and environment programs, which are also developed consistent with API RP 75. iSIMS is also Safe TO Work (STOW) certified for the work we perform for our clients in Trinidad & Tobago.

iSIMS is dedicated to maintaining the safety of our employees and our clients’ employees and contractors at all of our worksites and we share our clients’ concern for the environment. Therefore, whether in the office, the fabrication yard, or at an installation site, iSIMS experienced and highly trained employees are vigilant in all aspects of HSE awareness and safe work practices.

iSIMS employees and independent contractors treat the environment responsibly and strive to manage ecological challenges carefully to protect our limited natural resources so that there is no negative impact to the environment.

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